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Domestic faucet water filter, 7-level water purifier.

د.م. 129,00

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This is a 7-level precision filtration system, but in fact, it has an 8-layer filtration process.

The filter element adopts a tube-in-tube design method, which improves the filter’s lifespan and filtration accuracy more effectively.

The filter element is water-resistant with double waterproof rings, further enhancing the safety of purified water.

It features a dual water outlet, improving water-saving function and convenience in usage.

The transparent design of the filter element’s exterior tube allows you to observe its condition at any time, effectively enhancing the quality of drinking water.

Maximum purified water flow rate: 1L/min.

Appropriate water temperature: 1-83 degrees Celsius.

Working pressure: 0.1-0.4MPA.

Product size: 11 * 14CM.

Package size: 13 * 16 * 8CM.

Package includes: 1 piece of water filter faucet cover + 1 piece of water filter cartridge + installation accessories.

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