Double-sided magnetic windshield wiper and glass cleaning tool

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Double-sided windshield wiper – Glass cleaning tool that allows you to clean both the exterior and interior of any glass in one stroke. This product is wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and its triangular shape allows you to reach all surfaces of the glass. It is durable, anti-fall, and can even clean double-glazed windows.


  • Do not use the product on broken glass.
  • Clean any solid debris stuck on the glass before using the product.
  • Make sure to attach the safety rope first, then fasten the safety rope to the side without a handle.
  • Ensure there are no impurities on the product before use.
  • Pay attention to each part of the product after cleaning the first pass for the second use.
  • Do not directly assemble the two sides to avoid difficulty in opening it next time.
  • Do not use this product on delicate televisions and screens.
  • It is possible to use the scrubbing pad instead of the finishing cloth.


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