MINI ELECTRIC HEATER – Rapid and Economical Heating for Small Spaces

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  1. Compact and Efficient Energy: Despite its small size, our electric heater comes with four ceramic panels that ensure a rapid increase in temperature, reaching a comfortable warmth from 20°C in a short time.
  2. Robust and Unique Design: Easy-to-use settings via an LCD screen. You can adjust the temperature from 15°C to 32°C. The programmable timer allows you to plan its operation for up to 12 hours. Additionally, the 360-degree rotating plug provides great convenience.
  3. Protection Against Overheating: The automatic constant temperature function ensures the heater stops functioning when the temperature reaches 32 degrees, ensuring safe use.
  4. Economical and Quiet: With PTC ceramic heating technology, our heater offers significant energy savings, reducing up to 50% of your heating bill. Additionally, it operates silently, ensuring a quiet environment.
  5. Ideal for Small Spaces: This device covers an area ranging from 12-16 square meters, making it ideal as an addition or extra heating in personal spaces such as rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, apartments, or offices.
  6. Advanced Heating Technology: Using PTC technology, the device ensures high thermal conversion, quick, and even heating.
  7. Temperature Control and Timer: Enjoy precise temperature control with the built-in key and programmable operation with the timer.
  8. Portable and Practical: Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, just plug it into the power outlet. Ideal for use at home or while traveling. Perfect for staying warm wherever you are.


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