V-COMB Vacuum Lice Comb – Anti-Lice Solution

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This accessory allows for the natural and chemical-free treatment of lice and nits as soon as they appear. The adjustable comb isolates them before they are vacuumed into the capture filter.

Once the treatment is complete, simply remove the filter, close it with the provided cover, and dispose of it! A brush is also included to clean the comb after use. The comb is electrically powered and has an LED that illuminates the filter so you can see the treatment’s effectiveness in real-time.

This solution is natural, provides immediate results, is cost-effective, and reusable. Get rid of lice effectively and naturally, without irritating the scalp.

  • Detects and prevents infestations.
  • An electric device as easy to use as a regular comb.
  • Chemical-free and effective even against the most resistant lice.
  • Combs and vacuums simultaneously.
  • Lice and nits are neatly extracted into the capture filter.


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